Prospective Homeowners

Graystone is a wonderful place to live.  It is a well maintained, quiet community and those interested in living at Graystone need to be aware of certain aspects about Graystone.

  • Covered parking- at an additional cost and if available (check with management)
  • Leasing- Graystone is an owner occupied community and there are leasing restrictions
  • Smoking- Graystone is a smoke free community but there are designated smoking areas
  • Pets- Graystone is a no pet community
  • Heating- radiant heating in the ceiling (there is no natural gas at Graystone)
  • Cable/Satellite- is not included
  • Garbage- bagged garbage is picked up at the door every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (garbage is placed in the padded containers in the breezeway)
  • Recycling- recycling is available but it is the responsibility of homeowners to carry recyclables to the dumpster

Please refer to the rules and regulations and other documents for more information.